A woman at Peace

To the "man" who stole my innocents My life and the lives of my siblings have been filled with more trauma than any human being should have to experience; yet I constantly remind myself of how blessed I was to have not been placed in an even worse circumstance. Non the less you have been... Continue Reading →

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Garden Entrancement

As she moseyed along the garden gate a flicker of color caught her eye. With a quick jolt her eyes met with a beautiful monarch, gliding ever so gracefully down the same path. Almost as a pair they arrived to the garden to embrace its life. She slipped into the gloves and began her search... Continue Reading →

something old

mixed emotions flush face tears roll down her cheeks her mind consumed by grief heart ache longing for what she knew she'd never have with intention to love her deeply & unconditionally their actions brought an unbearable reality abandonment, fear, doubt and the choices of irresponsible adults kept her from what she deserved...... the unconditional... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness & Love

      Words have tremendous power, and play a great roll in how we perceive reality. With the ability to act as filters, words can alter the way we view the world and the people around us. Outrageous, wild, & irresponsible are words other's might use to describe my up-bringing.  I, however lean more... Continue Reading →

Light in Loss

  Losing a loved one is one of the most painful heartaches that we will experience in a lifetime, but losing someone you hardly knew is a unique experience of it's own. It brings an odd kind of sorrow when losing someone you've had little relations with, yet who was such an important part of... Continue Reading →

Sharing Goodness

Each waking day as we turn to the news, we are reminded of a world that is filled with darkness. Through television, newspaper, and social media, we can easily become consumed by what seems to be a never-ending slew of negativity. In the midst of this negativity we are gifted an occasional glimpse of light,... Continue Reading →

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